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About us

The NVC Brazililian Institute (ICNVB) has a shared intention with CNVC (NVC Training Center founded by Marshall Rosenberg in the United States): to preserve and promote nonviolent communication in the world.


The ICNVB was founded with the commitment to promote a qualified training in NVC, bringing high quality courses and certified international trainers, always following the concepts promoted by CNVC.

Our purpose is to eliminate the invisible violence that exists in relationships and in our society.


2ª Journey of International NVC Certification

with the international CNVC trainer Marc Avanzo

We bring to Brazil the 2nd NVC Certification Journey with the objective of training trainers in accordance with the guidelines of the CNVC, International Center created by Marshall Rosenberg. We want to make possible the expansion of NVC in Brazil.


NVC is quite simple to understand intellectually, but difficult to model in reality because of its experimental nature, the change in mentality and the emotional awareness it requires.


In introductory and intermediary courses, we will deepen the practice of NVC using various methods, from intellectual understanding, its emotional dimensions, to its body expression and spiritual implications.

March 2018

NVC Introductory Course

1 day


NVC Intermediary Course

Deeping in self-empathy

3 days


NVC High Intermediate Course

Understanding empathy with others

3 days


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