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How to Improve Your Memory for Writing?

Memory is understood as a thought process during which a person receives information, remembers it, stores it and reproduces it at the right time. So that the work of the brain is not overloaded due to an excess of data, memory tends to erase some of the images and moments, that is, to forget the unnecessary or the old.

The human brain is designed in such a way that it can independently evaluate the importance of the data received and store them for a certain time: from a few seconds to decades. Moreover, some moments are forgotten, but a person remembers them at the most necessary and appropriate moment.

Diseases that negatively affect the brain:

  • Traumatic brain injury, concussion. With serious injuries of the skull, blows, part of the brain is blocked. The body needs time to recover. In severe cases, amnesia is observed - complete or partial loss of memory.

  • Circulatory disorders. The human brain is made up of many blood vessels. For them, normal blood circulation is important. If there is a violation, then memory deteriorates.

  • Diabetes. An increase in insulin or blood sugar levels negatively affects the state of the brain: blood vessels are affected; the blood becomes thicker.

  • Meningitis and encephalitis. These viral diseases can be fatal. Transferring them in a mild form negatively affects memory and brain function. In fact, they provoke an inflammatory process that extends to the "gray matter" and affects the central nervous system.

  • Alzheimer's disease. As a rule, it develops imperceptibly. Often overtakes people of mature and old age (50-60 years). Its symptoms include: memory lapses, decreased intelligence, loss of orientation in the area.

Some of the solutions

First, there's the acupressure and acupuncture. To get these services, it is better to turn to specialists. Our body has thousands of points and zones that are responsible for the work of one or another part of the brain. More precisely, these areas transmit signals to the brain from the outside, and he, in turn, responds to them, disturbing the memory.

For example, scientists have proven that you can relieve stress or remember something important if you press your temples with your fingertips and hold them for several minutes.


If a person is protected from society, then in most cases he begins to degrade. Communication with will not only allow you to escape from everyday life, work, problems, but also train your memory. Even gossip or talk about recent events activates certain areas of the brain. The process of speaking strengthens the contacts between neurons, while strengthening memory.

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